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Don't Just Set Goals, Create Ladders

Mental performance coaches will tell you, until they are blue in the face (or you can no longer take anymore of it): write your goals down! When we think of goals, we are wired to think of outcomes, often far off, often out of our control. How can we take back our control and make these desired outcomes more within our reach?

Create ladders.

Ladders are a way to think about outcomes with small, tangible steps in mind.

Want to start next season? Start by listing out what you need to improve upon. Then create a specific plan - days of the week, drills, workout plans - that will allow you to improve upon those goals.

Too often players say they want to start, or play on a particular team, or get offered a college scholarship, but they don't have a plan in place in order to get there.

Simply put: the best in the world think not just about end goals but the steps it will take for them to get there. Once you get into creating the rungs of your ladder, start thinking about the "how" of your rungs as well. That is, how will you show up on a particular day? What qualities do you want to take on? Will you be enthusiastic, hard working, energetic, communicative, determined, focused? Reminding yourself of these qualities and adding them to your ladder will allow you to add a sense of the PERSON BEHIND THE PLAYER.

After all, you're a person first and player second. Don't forget it!

Creating a ladder to reach your goal puts a system in place for you to be in more control of your desired outcomes. Don't delay! Every day holds the opportunity to approach rungs on your ladder. Get climbing.


Coach Dan


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